Friday, May 26, 2006

The Notebook

Normally when I watch a movie, won't come back to review some part of movie.
But there was something about this movie which made me to see some parts again.

The notebook is a love story like all other stories that we may see in Hollywood movies.
But there is something special in a sense that made me to write about it.

I can't tell you the story, you have to watch this movie then come to my blog and read this post.

The best scene of the movie is when they are in boat on the lake and suddenly it start raining... She tries to cover her hair not to get wet, he laughs at her stupid try because the rain is so heavy then she start enjoying the rain, feel it and forget about getting wet... She lay on the boat, "feel" the rain and enjoy it instead of resisting not to get wet...

Other interesting scence is when she follow the arrows and find a painting room that he made for her to remind her this is what you really want to do.

He helped her to heal her soul... and find out what is her real desire which was painting, dancing in the street, getting wet under the rain and enjoying by little things in the life.

I don't think we need something more than that...
I liked the character of the guy...

Here I add some dialog of the movie between two:


She: So what?

He: So it's not gonna be easy... It's gonna be really hard...we have to work on it ... everyday... and I wanna do that... because i want you, I want all of and me...everyday...
would you do some for me...please? just picture your life for me...30 years from now, 40 years from now... what's it look like? if it's with that guy... go... go ... I lost you once... I think i can do it again...if i thought it's really what you want it.. but don't you take the easy way out...

She: What easy way? There is no easy way... no matter what i do somebody gets hurt

He: Would you stop thinking about what everyone wants? Stop thinking about what i want, what he wants, what your parents wants...what do YOU want? what do YOU want?

She: It's not that simple

He: What do YOU want ?


Anonymous said...


if you cry
the sun...
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nannigia said...

شاید با دیدن ستاره ها، بین اشکها ، لبخند هم می توان زد

برای هم دعا می کنیم

Anonymous said...

He helped her to heal her soul... and find out what is her real desire. He3 did - didn't he?