Sunday, August 28, 2005

Henrik Nagy Concert

Last night my friend and I went to a great concert that I had ever seen and heard. The concert was held in the Niavaran Palace with a nice hosting in the opening area.
As far as I know Nagy is a professional in composing Western and Eastern themes. He is from Sweden who has married to an Iranian girl and came to Iran to put in practice his creativity. I strongly appreciate his effort, willingness and enthusiasm thinking. Even by ignoring the quality of his work, which is a quiet different approach, I proud to say that we can BE and present ourselves in the least possibilities to develop.
I saw so many around us who are always nagging and complaining of having no possibility to grow in developing countries… it really true?? Isn’t this can help us to know our potentials much better and better than everywhere in the world……? You come to this universe for conducting a unique mission!! So why all of us including myself believe that immigration and living abroad is the only key for this mission??
This concert and Nagy’s group presentation made me to go to my shell and start thinking of …..and another question ….why I should have gone to this concert 20 days before my travel to UK?? Are all of them are a sign for me??? Don’t you think so?
Here is a part of his song named:
Everywhere is paradise, and everywhere is home
Everywhere is a weeded garden, when you are not alone
When night is closing in on you and fear shows in your eyes,
Just remember this – that everywhere is paradise,
He showed us as that yessssssssss every where can be paradise.
Interested in him? Check this link out!!

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