Monday, February 26, 2007

I feel invaded...
Not so sure why I let it ...
it is better to protect your shells

"making" is more difficult than ruining
diving to the dark is more easier than cleaning them to see the light...

there is no limitation, no guilt and no pain

Sunday, February 25, 2007

It is raining tonight...
you are missing here as always

life has to go on but still
you are my immortal

Friday, February 23, 2007


can you hear anything else rather than your thoughts?

missing my blog!

I am still searching it in myself
Deeper searches cost you more...
The more you go inside... the more you lost

rationality warns you as usual... do not enter to that unknown zone!...
but who is listening? hah!

Thursday, February 15, 2007


نقاب هایمان را تکه تکه کندیم . بدون گفته یی . خون از گونه ها و پیشانی برهنه شده مان می ریخت . با وجود دردی که نفس مان را بریده بود و ناله مان را درآورده بود ، لبخند همیشگی مان عاقبت ناپدید شد و پس از چند ساعت ، چهره ی پیشینمان ظاهر گشت . آن گاه لب هایمان به هم پیوستند .

در اين جامعه همه بايد به هم لبخند بزنند و اگر كسى از اين كار طفره برود او را جراحى مى كنند. سپس نقابى بر چهره‌اش مى گذارند كه قابل برداشتن نيست و بعد از مدتى جذب صورتش مى شود و به همان حال مى ماند. در اين جامعه زوج وجود ندارد، يعنى مفهوم زوجيت معنا ندارد و همه به صورت گروهى به تفريح مى‌روند. جامعه بر فرد مقدم است و حقوق ديگر انسان‌ها محترم‌تر.

قسمتی از کتاب میرا

زیستن یعنی جدا شدن از آنچه بودیم برای رسیدن به آن چه در آینده مرموز خواهیم بود

Monday, February 12, 2007

5:00 a.m
My service will pick me by 7:00
I have time to talk with you

Oh.. lovers... where are you going to.. who are you looking for... your beloved is right here there is no need to suffer
God is here


Sunday, February 11, 2007

Still thinking!

Discussion in the cafe;

- First be then think...
- ok, then how is possible to ignore others in my relations when they hurt me!
- well, they live to their choices ... they are them ... no need to ignore just accept them as they are
- how can i accept them? by knowing that they are lower, i am higher?
- hmm.. no, not really, accept them by knowing that they are not in your matrix, not your type...
- then i am judging them.. right?
- yes!
- so i think, i judge and then i feel better...
- hmm... yes...
- this means first thinking then being ...
- ... ah... well... yes... you are right.... let me think... !!!!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

چند وقتیه که دارم روی موضوع "فکر نکردن" فکر می کنم! ... خیلی جالبه
این فکر، ذهن و یا حافظه چقدر با ماست
دائم و دائم

پرزرق و برق، جذاب، پر سر و صدا و پوشالی

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Where is your mask?

From a mathematician i asked
what is love?
Re: It is something without it you feel smaller...

This was the best definition i have ever heard
From the most rational person who i ever know in my life!!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

If you knew that this Universe we are living in, is just one small part in the space...
The theory of parallel lives may be come ture,

Well.. Physics theorists confessed that they should rewrite all the physics text books.

So get ready ...

Friday, February 02, 2007

lost my innocent face

scratched my purity with every step of blame, praise or justification...
shh... hoped 7 judges in my mind stop talking to me
hoped parents in me stop completing me
i wanna hear it ... something come from the dark side.

Picture of Dorian Gray.
Book online

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Today i was driving in Haqani highway and the mountain was exactly like this picture.
It again reminds you to me.
Everywhere is just you and you...
I forgot to add that "Toranj" song was in the background