Thursday, September 29, 2005

Isn't something missing?

Last night I was listening to this song from Evanescence... It was great!!! This causes me to remember some memories..... ha ha I can not tell you sorryyyyyyy...... :)).. so it's better to listen to the song without any pre judgments!! ok?
Please, please forgive me, But I won't be home again. Maybe someday you'll look up, And barely conscious, you'll say to no one:” Isn’t something missing?"You won't cry for my absence, I knowYou forgot me long agoAm I that unimportant...?Am I so insignificant...?Isn't something missing?Isn't someone missing me?Even though I'm the sacrificeYou won't try for me, not nowThough I'd die to know you love meI'm all aloneIsn't someone missing me?Please, please forgive meBut I won't be home againI know what you do to yourselfI breathe deep and cry out:"Isn't something missing?Isn't someone missing me?"And if I breathe, I'll bleedKnowing you don't careAnd if I still need just to dream of youI'll awake without you thereIsn't something missing?Isn't something...

Sunday, September 25, 2005

The art of living

Before starting my term i have so much time to write for youuuuuuuuu......... ha ha

Everyone of us has made to this case that what is the real purpose of our efforts in life? Maybe you said Having Progress.... Ok i accept your answer but having progress for having what??? Having Money, degrees, House, Wife, Husband, Children for what??

Can you tell me? what is the end of this cycle?
I can tell you that the result is not important (Quantity) as much as how you move in this path is vital (Quality). So WHEREVER you are now in your planned path for your life... look back and feel yourself truly....and do what i tell you!!!

First but a bunch of flower for yourself!... arrange an evening with your best friend or beloved person in your life.... have a cup of coffee together ... talk about all the things that will heal your soul (listen to a light music in the background)!!!!... love and respect yourself and pray for all in this world.... This is the aim of coming here .... learn how to live... the art of living

Adagio for String from Samuel Barber

This peace of music is one of the greatest peaces that i ever had in my life....
Dj Tiesto has made a mix trans originated from this fabulous art which made me to enjoy trans too!!! when i listen to this quartet i feel that every cell in my body is merging to the nature and feeling of Barber.... Listen to it if you want to you can download from

A great work!!

Saturday, September 24, 2005

My only sister and I

I love you azizam... and i missed you so much here.... I remember when we were little child we promised to ourselves that one day we will come to Europe and see all the cities and travel around. So i think this dream is going to come true... ISHALAH.....

I love you Nahaliiiiiiiiiiiiii

Thursday, September 22, 2005

My place of living

Although it's so hard for me to update my wobblog ( I did not bring my laptop here so I has to be in queue for accessing the internet!!!!) I really love to write here...
Yesterday I was beside my campus and wished to had camera's and send the photo's from there but I asked God and he give it to me!! I always liked website website:)) !!!!
so these photo's are from here...I think a good one form lakeside (My place) was thinking the same as me to take some photo's from here.....
Today I walked for 2 hours around and I enjoyed it too much... I have to second hand bicycle to have much more exercise and lose weight!!! The foods here are fine and so expensive that you prefer not to eat !! ha ha..... The only thing that here is quiet good is so calm and relax that I am not so used to it... I always think that I have to do something and I should be more active .... I have one Iranian friend here with his wife... And what else can I tell you....

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Yes dear all,

I am here and it's quit good to be here....
My campus is perfect and I really enjoy that... The University is so crowded these days....
My PC is not here with me to write for you usually but I will try my best to inform you.....
Sheidaaaa jonam I miss you so much ... I know you will read this azizam

Friday, September 16, 2005

Have you found it?

Have you all ever had something in you life which can rely on ?
Something immortal? Something which can love you without any judgment?
Something which can hold you and be with you whenever you wish in a twinkle of an eye?

Have you found that??

Something that cherish your pains ... Have you?

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Azam Ali

She is an Iranian singer who grown up in India and present her unique style of Eastern Music.
Her voice strongly has great impact of your soul. She reminds something missing in you.... some mysterious aspects of you!!!
Also her songs is called a kind of Praying with special holly dancing in India.... In this dance the dancer pray to God by the concentration of her body in the every beat of the music...
When I get into it for the first time it was in a coffee shop in Tehran...I was enough influenced to make myself ask them to give me a copy of her songs...
I think if you want to listen to the good music, It will be shown itself on your way and will ask you that "hey listen to me I want you too".....!!!

Monday, September 05, 2005

Sweet November

Who can say where the road goes,....Where the day flows?
Only time...And who can say if your love grows,As your heart chose?Only time............Who can say why your heart sighs,As your love flies?Only time...And who can say why your heart cries,When your love dies?Only time..........Who can say when the roads meet,That love might be,In your heart.And who can say when the day sleeps,If the night keeps all your heart?Night keeps all your heart........Who can say if your love grows,As your heart chose?Only time...And who can say where the road goes,Where the day flows?Only time...Who knows?Only time...

Wow this movie was fabulous!!!I watched and cried so much while get to this point that.... I can't tell u lol....Great Actress Charlize and of course much more attractive Keanu and their incredible role playing.... Wow I enjoyed so much Life is beautiful more than you get offended.... and Love is something that living with is the key to taste heaven

Saturday, September 03, 2005

A child in us

Enigma has a song is named A child in us. The song is incredible and originated from mysterious Indian songs. Have you ever tried to connect your little child who is inside your hearth? One of the best exercises is to locate one your childhood photos in front of the mirror or somewhere in your home which you see frequently, then try to feel your first approach when you will see your photo. What was you initial feeling to yourself at the fist moments of contact with your photo?
I know when you love your inside child you can love yourself and get help from this little child just inside you.
This little child can cherish you even you do not feel ok.
This little child can heal your wounds...

Friday, September 02, 2005

Come as you are

I want to describe my music taste to you.
The group which I will choose as my highest favorite is Evanescence. They have great record in their popular album "Fallen" in recent years. One of their incredible songs is "Everybody is fool". Their clip introduces the most meaningful issue that you will see in a few numbers of singers. The point that I came into was that in our today’s society everyone will judge you based up on your appearance and role play skills!!! not based on your real picture of "Dorian Gray"!!!!!
You know what I mean?? How much of us have enough courage to encounter to the real picture of ourselves? Are we enough brave to love ourselves with all our strengths and weaknesses? Do we really try to pretend that everything is ok with us.... but is it really ok? No matter whom we are, no matter what we do, the key is to find your real picture and love it as it is...and based on the Nirvana Song: Come as you are.