The art of living

Before starting my term i have so much time to write for youuuuuuuuu......... ha ha

Everyone of us has made to this case that what is the real purpose of our efforts in life? Maybe you said Having Progress.... Ok i accept your answer but having progress for having what??? Having Money, degrees, House, Wife, Husband, Children for what??

Can you tell me? what is the end of this cycle?
I can tell you that the result is not important (Quantity) as much as how you move in this path is vital (Quality). So WHEREVER you are now in your planned path for your life... look back and feel yourself truly....and do what i tell you!!!

First but a bunch of flower for yourself!... arrange an evening with your best friend or beloved person in your life.... have a cup of coffee together ... talk about all the things that will heal your soul (listen to a light music in the background)!!!!... love and respect yourself and pray for all in this world.... This is the aim of coming here .... learn how to live... the art of living


Behzad said…
Always I ask myself these questions but I have never found the answers. I think nobody will find it. Always I am thinking that the amount of happiness and enjoyment in our life is much less than the volume of the different problems. But we are stupid enough to live.Why?!!Agree? I am not sure!
nannigia said…
I think the life has worth to live .... to find out what is it?
To come to the stage that find the art of living... .
BTW, How are you doing Behzad?
Behzad said…
Thanks, I have been back and you know, it takes a while to be recovered. Hopefully you are doing well over there and somehow you are getting used to your new situation.

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