Friday, September 02, 2005

Come as you are

I want to describe my music taste to you.
The group which I will choose as my highest favorite is Evanescence. They have great record in their popular album "Fallen" in recent years. One of their incredible songs is "Everybody is fool". Their clip introduces the most meaningful issue that you will see in a few numbers of singers. The point that I came into was that in our today’s society everyone will judge you based up on your appearance and role play skills!!! not based on your real picture of "Dorian Gray"!!!!!
You know what I mean?? How much of us have enough courage to encounter to the real picture of ourselves? Are we enough brave to love ourselves with all our strengths and weaknesses? Do we really try to pretend that everything is ok with us.... but is it really ok? No matter whom we are, no matter what we do, the key is to find your real picture and love it as it is...and based on the Nirvana Song: Come as you are.

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