Friday, February 23, 2007

missing my blog!

I am still searching it in myself
Deeper searches cost you more...
The more you go inside... the more you lost

rationality warns you as usual... do not enter to that unknown zone!...
but who is listening? hah!


VAHID said...

be pish boro anja ke khod ra kamelen gom kardi kamelan yafti!

Paul said...

Yes I have been missing your blog!

But you are correct. To do your best work you need to look deep inside yourself. As in most things to produce anything of great value you must pay a high price. Unfortunately the converse does not follow: just because you pay a high price no guarantee you will produce a result of high value.

Also in order to find the real you (a new better you!) you need to lose the old (false?) you. So there are 2 sides to this: you lose the old you and gain the new you.

Finally not sure that rationality is blanket against entering unknown zones. For me rationality just demands that you take informed risks, with some kind of security, awareness.

Let me know when you find yourself: I will be waiting.

Anonymous said...

hah! somebody was listening!