Sunday, February 25, 2007

It is raining tonight...
you are missing here as always

life has to go on but still
you are my immortal

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Paul said...

Yes, there is something universally sad about rain. The feel of the drops of water landing on you: the coldness, the wetness, the distraction. And yet in that sadness there is a contradiction: we need water for life for the future: it is essential. It is as essential as the sunlight: the happiness, the joy.

Life consists of both sadness and happiness: and the essence of life is that both are linked. With the weather, rain comes from clouds of water. But the clouds of water come from the sunshine. Hence, the rain comes from the sunshine.

Similarly in emotions, whatever we find that gives us happiness will cause sadness when it is removed. And the higher the high, the lower the low. And that pain will never stop entirely; all you can hope is that with time it will not dominate everything else.

Finally, as long as you have your memories, the missing are indeed immortal.

Forever yours