Sunday, February 04, 2007

If you knew that this Universe we are living in, is just one small part in the space...
The theory of parallel lives may be come ture,

Well.. Physics theorists confessed that they should rewrite all the physics text books.

So get ready ...


Paul said...

Yes, some Physists think that the Big Bang so was violent that diffeent sections of matter were sent out so quickly into different areas of space that they can never interact again. These could be called parrallel worlds!

Whether they will/did to rewrite the Physiscs textbooks I do not know. To me science (whetehr Physiscs or Economics) is about modellingthings. So Physists still use Newtonian models for everyday scale things (Cars, planes, trains) and not quantum mechanics (unless very small objects) or relativility (very very fast). So if there are other parrellel worlds not sure the Physists will care that much: not exactly like you can go there on holiday!


وحید said...

به هر حال
منم و تویی و این لحظه ها که در کذرند