Sunday, February 11, 2007

Still thinking!

Discussion in the cafe;

- First be then think...
- ok, then how is possible to ignore others in my relations when they hurt me!
- well, they live to their choices ... they are them ... no need to ignore just accept them as they are
- how can i accept them? by knowing that they are lower, i am higher?
- hmm.. no, not really, accept them by knowing that they are not in your matrix, not your type...
- then i am judging them.. right?
- yes!
- so i think, i judge and then i feel better...
- hmm... yes...
- this means first thinking then being ...
- ... ah... well... yes... you are right.... let me think... !!!!


Anonymous said...

Discussion out of the cafe

Go with your heart. If your head tells you something different, go with your heart. You know what you want and what you need to do. Try it!

Paul said...

A very funny, deep, insightful, subtle conversation.

I think (hehe!) that you need to be who you are (remember I said in one of my emails that I did not want to change you. Sure you will change and grow with time but that is not my aim.) But part of the human condition is thought. So being involves thinking but not to the exclusion of all else: “If you can think--and not make thoughts your aim”. And in my own case I thank you truly, madly, deeply for stopping me from being just a thinking machine:)))

In terms of others you should not need their approval all the time, but at the other extreme not be cut off (open to their suggestions when they are valid).
“If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you
But make allowance for their doubting too”

The point is that you are being all the time, even while thinking or considering the thoughts of others. So the point is that it is not a case of one happening before the other. You are both BEING and THINKING at the same time.

Finally see the comment above about Heart v Head. For me heart gives values, head ideas: ways of achieving values. (And I just hope your heart will one day feel the same way about me as mine does about you.)

See poem If for the quotes :