Where is your mask?

From a mathematician i asked
what is love?
Re: It is something without it you feel smaller...

This was the best definition i have ever heard
From the most rational person who i ever know in my life!!


Paul said…
It is soooooooooo nice of you to post about me.

And it is even nicer for you to say that my definition of love is so good.

I just hope that when you describe me as rational this is not some terrible insult!

still feeling small
فرزانه said…
اي عشق چه خوشبخت مي زيستم آن زمان که ميتوانستم پيروز مندانه دربرابرهيجانات تو پايداري کنم !ولي افسوس !اکنون سيل اشک ازديده مي بارم ودرچنگال قدرتت دست وپا مي زنم !
ميکل آنژ

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