Tuesday, May 30, 2006


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No matter how hard is life... You are the one who is sitting behind and observing the madness.


Anonymous said...

No, I am the one who has created madness, and who has now left that madness behind. If you don't like madness, don't look.

Yes, the sea is rough from the outside, but if you are part of it, underneath, it really seems quite calm. Ride with the tide...

وحید said...

بر لب جو نشیت و گذر عمر ببین
کین اشارت ز جهان گذران مارا بس
یار با ماست چه حاجت که زیادت طلبیم
دولت صحبت آن سرو روان ما را بس

Anonymous said...

Are you there little Nannigia, are you there - the writer needs you to speak?