Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Originally uploaded by Tin Green.
I want you, yet I know that never
can I embrace you to my heart's content.
you are that clear and bright sky.
I, in this corner of the cage, am a captive bird.

O sky, if I want one day
to fly from this silent prison,
what shall I say to the weeping child's eyes:
forget about me, for I am captive bird?

Poem: Forough


ali farkhonde said...

At night,
when the silver moonstream makes a lake of limitless plain,
I spread the sails of my thoughts in the path of the wind.

At night,
when no sound rises from the reed beds deep in the ponds,
I joyously voice my bright hope like a sunshaft.

At night,
when songs are sung of hopelessness,
I await from far off the sun's lip scorching
warmly kissing the neighbor's rooftop.

At night,
when a sorrow congeals in the cold of the garden,
I listen for the death coughs in the groan-rattle of my decaying

ahmad shamlu

Anonymous said...

Diamond Lady - it is hard having a friend and not being dable to meet to talk. Never mind, there will always be a place in my heart for you. You are nearly there now - keep working hard until the end. A big hug from England. P