Wednesday, September 06, 2006


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What is reality... ?

An insect used to come to my room all long nights when i was came to my room at nights and flying near the roof but tonight this little insect behaving strange.. it came near my table and sat on my dissertation paper.... (before, it just came to my room and stick to the roof)

I can either interpret:

.. it is like trying to tell me a messege at these last nights of my stay here... that ... "it is trying to tell me that he will miss me..."


get annoyed and try to get rid of it....

Which you will choose?

Reality is one you choose to be real.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, that insect will miss you, as I will miss you. That little insect is like my soul - it may fly free or it may be crushed in anger. The kindest thing to do to an insect that is trapped inside, is to capture it and let it go outside. You never know, it may contain a very special soul.