َAutumn leaves dropping by the window

امشب از اون شبهاست ...

تقریبا روی آسمونها هستم
ماه هم که تشریف دارند ... افتخار دادند به من امشب
قرص کامل بین شاخه های درخت توی جاده سلامتی

امشب توی قسمت یوگا، کفشهامو درآوردم رو چمنها ...
یک آرزو هم کردم دوباره ... به لیست آرزوهام یک کوچلو اضافه شد ... خودش می دونه
فکر نمی کنم خیلی سخت باشه براش ...

* This is what i call real ...
the more i try to explain ... the more i lose my direction

چند وقت پیش دختر خالم من رو دعوت کرد که با خودش و شوهرش خداحافظی کنم
برای همیشه میروند آمریکا

یک کتاب خریدم
روی صفحه اولش یک چیزی می خواستم بنویسم که بعدا یادش بیاد منو


" لیلی جان، زندگی زیبایی پیش روی توست " ... .

**! خيلي كيف داد

*** پاییز جونم هم داره می آد ... این عکس رو هم برای استقبال و عرض ارادت خاص اینجا آوردم***

.... گفتم که امشب چطوری هستم


هر چی دوست داشتم نوشتم



Anonymous said…
Don't try to explain - there is no direction to lose. Like the compass your direction lies every way, but the best direction is inside.

Move deep into your heart and deeper still into your soul, and there you will find the purpose of your journey, and see your self from inside.

There you will find those diamonds that you've been tucking away all your life. Treasure them for each one contains the love and the energy of a thousand years.

Autumn leaves are the end of one living cycle, but the beginning of the next. This life, your life, is just one among many.

I will find you in the next life (and the next). Your diamonds will guide me by their shining light.
Anonymous said…
Oh so quiet on this blog - where has everybody gone? It's bright and sunny here in Coventry, and this afternoon is quite hot.

This afternoon I would rather not be here in the office, but rather walking along a beach somewhere with someone who loves to dance.

There is always so much to talk about, but most of it remains unsaid. However, just thought I'd send this message to Yeganeh's Iran before the weekend.

Love and Peace: take care!

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