Synchro Destiny

Interesting book from my love,
Dr. Chopra...

in our learning path...
everything which is required for you to receive ...
come to you ... in strange ways...

i bought this book two months back and now that i am reading,
the content is along with our self knowing class ... non local domain ... third level...

"At that moment both possibilities exist at the same time... physicists recently completed an experiment proving this phenomenon by demonstrating that a charged, unobserved beryllium atom was capable of being in two separate location at the same time."

photos: Ms. Iran Darroudi paints


Anonymous said…
Fate is Chance. Destiny is Choice. .... is that true?

Your own fate may be said to be determined by the time, date and place of your birth. We may say that in some ways it outlines the things to come.
When you were born into this incarnation you were given certain traits and it is up to you to decide what to do with these traits. It is believed you can change the outcome of your fate. But remember this will be done within the context of what you were born with.
Remember you have free choice and you should never allow fate to control your life if it makes you feel unhappy. In the end the final choice is yours.
Destiny is in many ways the final calling to resolve past life issues and put these matters to rest. Destiny is about the future.
Your destiny is affected by the time, place and date of birth but you still have free will. Destiny and fate may not always be so easy to explain or understand. The outcome and difference between your destiny and fate will be determined by you and only you.
Anonymous said…
We CAN be in two places at the same time.

For a particular moment in time, when we fly we are actually in the plane: we are also at a certain place in space.

When we walk along that plane at 4 miles per hour, the plane is moving at say 4,000 miles per hour and the earth is moving at a phenomenal rate on its axis and orbiting the sun. How fast are we traveling?

Do we move closer to our death, or further away from our birth?

Yes, it's all relative: you can also love two people at once: love them dearly ;-)

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