Wednesday, December 19, 2007

we think our value is based on our "doings"
"beings" are the indicators of who you are
با اين جمله ... ذهنم خيلي آروم ميشه
ديگه مقايسه نميشم
ارزش من خيلي تغيير نمي كنه ... خيلي مورد سوال قرار نميگيره
حالا يك سوال بهتر، كه
چرا اصلا نياز دارم كه باارزش باشم؟
كي ارزش رو تعيين ميكنه؟
باز هم ذهن هست كه دوست داره باارزش باشه
نه خود تو
باز دوباره ... اين ذهن من هست كه داره اينطوري فكر ميكنه ...
بودن من .. الان .. در اين لحظه
به تمامي اين جمله ها ...
فقط نگاه مي كنه


Anonymous said...

Look Into My Eyes
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artist unknown
Provided by: Rose Ekerholm

Contributed by: Rose Ekerholm on 11/29/2007

Look Into My Eyes

It's said eyes are the window to the soul,

and you can see into the heart.

Well, look in my eyes, you see me whole,

completely, not just a small part.

Look into my eyes, you can see my passion,

as breathless and hot as the desert.

In your eyes, I see answers to questions,

and I know I will never get hurt.

Look in my eyes, you can see my heart beat,

pounding a steady and primitive rhythm.

Our breath merges into one when we breathe,

then pulsates like a tribe's native drum.

Look in my eyes you can see love so true,

even Romeo's Juliet fails love's test.

Look in my eyes - look deep, and through.

You'll see your reflection until my death.

Copyright ©2006 Rose Mary West Ekerholm AKA Plethora

farhad said...

could i want you to read "It happened one night..." and than plz comment me your sight...i thought there would be a kind of exciting common/tension point, in both text...
finds here:
so i would wait for re-play...

کیهو said...

به معبد من هم سری بزن

Anonymous said...

Yeganeh, Diamond Lady, Persian Princess, best wishes from Coventry to Iran for peace and prosperity in this Christmas Season. Talk to you again in the New Year.