Last moments of this year i spent..
was in my space ... sorry ... our space
our space is a place where you feel you are home ... your childhood home ... your safest place in universe

birds are washing their body into the water ...
sun is here with us also
silence and you ... inner you ....

امروز به این حس رسیدم که واقعا همه چیز شدنی هست
احساسات و انتخابهای تو ...
چه حسی داری و چه کسی هستی وقتی داری انتخاب میکنی؟

زندگی زیباست
چون کل هست
نه جز

Awareness does not fight, awareness releases....

awareness is simply aware while everything in the universe parades before it.

and finally,

norouz come to our small home too ..!

Happy Norouz...


daso said…
چه خونه كوچولوي خوشگلي دارين

بالكنش هم مثله خودش و صاخابش خيلي خوشگله
Golnaz said…
یگانهء عزیزم,
عیدت مبارک.
قربونت برم با اون خونهء کوچولوی نوروزیتون!
دوست دارم
Sammy the fish said…
You have some very nice pictures and have made some nice comments.

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