11 Jan 2012

These days i forgot simple things, and i pay for it...
I forgot to take my mobile to work then i had to go back to home and bring it back.
I forgot my labor card in the bank.

I went out during the day for a coffee with a friend, walked back in a beautiful sunshine to the office.

At night, went for dinner out for Sushi with K.


Anonymous said…
Hello Yegi/Diamond Lady: how are you doing - do you remember me? I had thought I'd lost touch with you then by chance I found: Come out of your shell.

Anyway would love to hear from you with all your news. I remember you as an amazing person with great talents and I hope that in your 'new' life, everything is coming together well for you.

Take a look at: www.bodicebeautiful.co.uk

Please make contact with me: I can't remember your email address.

Best wishes to you and the Persia of old.

Yeg Aneh said…
Hay Paul ... nice to see you here ...

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