Fishing Tree.

Fishing Tree.
Originally uploaded by radiant star.
Christmas is close to you...
Juesses is close to you too.
This is my december.
My christmas tree is made from :
my Flickr, my Blog, my gmail,
Radio IRAN, Macro economics, Christmas songs , Game theory, Tea with chocklate, Moon light in the midnight, Foggy lakeside 1, Flat 10, One of the rooms starts with Y...


vahid(shaahed) said…
ببخشيد كه فارسي كامنت مي ذارم
اين پست رو بخون
تا بعد
Someone who cares... said…
Hello Diamond Lady... the Christmas Tree is FAB. The traveller is back from a journey through Hell, but another journey beckons and and the ship is about to leave. I never meant to give you pain - you are too precious to me for that. Listen to my messages for you in the wind!
Someone who can remember what it is like to face the challenges of exams... said…
CU later in January... I understand... I always understand...
Someone who always looks up at the constellation nannigia said…
Twinkle twinkle Persian star
Shining student that you are
Up above this life so high
Such a diamond in the sky
Twinkle twinkle Warwick STAR
I know deep inside who you are.

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