the road was blocked by light

بگو از خونه بگو ، از گل پونه بگو
از شب شبزده‌ها كه نمي‌مونه بگو

بگو از محبوبه‌ها ، نسترنهاي بنفش
سفره‌هاي بي‌ريا ، روي سبزه‌زار فرش

بگو از شب كوچه‌ها ، پرسه هاي بي‌هدف
كوچه‌باغ انتظار بوي بارون و علف

(I do apologize from those who can not read Persian!)
Sometimes you want to fly...
so only your mother language can take you into the plane!!!!)


Someone who knew you at the beginning of time... said…
Nannigia... Diamond Lady... who needs Persian when they can already fly?

Light a candle and eventually the flame wil go out... light the flame of life... of love and that flame will never go out... there is a precious diamond within all of us, it just needs to be found... :):):)
Somoene who was on the wrong path said…
The road was not blocked by light... the road just got in the way of the light. The traveller can choose between this path or that. So there are a few prickles along the path you're on... but a little along the way the path goes through a grassy meadow by a stream, below a majestic mountain topped with snow.

Good luck with your studies Diamond Lady, and let your friends rejoice with you when you get your MSc :)
nannigia said…
Thank you my dear friend...
Are you in the right path now??
Can you feel your true light??

Someone who has walked many paths, but never one as special as this said…
Am in the right path... Oh you don't need to ask. It;'s the right path all right, the dirtections are plain to see - it's the path that starts in your heart and ends at the Caspian Sea.

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