Chapter 13 & 14

A love so beautiful in every way
... so beautiful we let it slip away
... so beautiful a love so free
... so beautiful a love for you and me


Anonymous said…
A wedding ring... a curtain ring... both are round... the prophet in the sky says forget lost lovers and move on. A person who let's you down big time could do so again. Please learn this and move on.
Anonymous said…
So beautiful... like YOU.
nannigia said…
First anonymous :
To forget your lost lover you have to forget a part of yourself first...

Second anonymous : So beautiful like YOU
vahid said…
مي گويند اگر اتفاقي يكبار افتاد ممكن است هرگز تكرار نشود ولي اگر دوباره رخ داد مطمئن باش باز تكرار خواهد شد

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