I held your hand throught all of these years

Sometimes you may have sort of feeling that can not share with anyone...

How world is small indeed ... but still no one

Moonlight Sonata-Adagio Sostenuto-Beethoven ... !
you can share with him .. he shared it before you


Anonymous said…
In my view, I would follow what they say... "share and share alike", because "a problem shared is a problem halved", "it's good to talk" and "time is the greatest healer of pain".

Communication is the essence, the key to open the wounds and help heal the pain, we are all here for you as God's little messengers and angels from heaven. You must seek to find them and then you can conceal in them by trusting and believing in them too. God bless you my littel Angel.

Regards, Tej. Riat.

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