تمام ذهن ما درگیر سه فعل هست: خواستن
انجام دادن

انرژی عجیبی صرف این سه عمل می کنیم .... انرژی روانی

انسانهای خاص ... جهان ها را از طریق ذهن خود محدود نمی کنند
بی واسطه تجربه ها رو می پذیرند
بی واسطه دخالت و قضاوت ذهن

توی یک کتابی می خوندم

You said to your mind, "i want everyone to like me, i don't want anything to speak badly of me". I want everything i say and i do to be acceptable and pleasing to everyone. I don't want anyone to hurt me ... " then you said, "now mind, figure out how to make every one of these things a reality, even if you have to think about id day and night." and of course your mind said, "I'm on the job. I will work on it constantly."
Can you imagine somebody trying to do that? ...
the mind is constantly trying to give you advice about how to make it all okay. That is why the mind is so active; you gave it an impossible task to do! this is what has broken the psyche. The signs of the psyche breaking are underlying fear and incessant neurotic thought...

Consequently, our mind is not capable enough to help us going through our life ... sense our life...
let's choose other tools we have ... our senses.... our beings ... which requires no limitation .... freedom


alimaaan said…
hey! are you same yeganeh we used to go to same school?

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