Tuesday, October 11, 2005


We have another Tibetan kind in Iran.
Normally there are special groups in Iran we call them as "Darvish". They are often old as far as I know!. Some of them are fake and not real but you can find the real Darvishes if you are lucky!!

These groups philosophy goes to only trust God, help people, pray and eat healthy. You maybe ask how do I got these information? ... One of my grandfather's friends is one of them!!
Wish I had a photo of him!!
BTW, all of them are in the same as you see in the photo!!.


BarrickBlog said...

Your very cute!!!!

shahram sharif said...

ooh ,he's just like bababozorge khodemoon but i think he should be one of the "SOORI" man that link to him ;)

nannigia said...

Man ke khejalat keshidam begam!!!!!lol....