Point of view

Do we belong to any special place?

Sky? Earth? Ocean?


Anonymous said…
elemental connections to our souls?
I believe in this..
But further then the four basic ones.. there are many many more..
links between ourselves and others, between the soul and the trees.
excited by the closeness of our spiritual kin..
we can feel when we are near someone or something that we are in synch with..
if we have opened our souls vision and embraced the possibilities.

Yeganeh: would like to know what you think. do you feel that people can connect with few words exchanged based a a pure emotional/ spiritual linkage established before time began?
nannigia said…

*The one who is something to you, you met him in your past lives...*

But there is a point here...
When you can feel this great common spiritual with others you can feel that:

We are all one...


We are little "..."s


"..." is here with us
Anonymous said…
well said..
for I too agree (it is nice that way)
That despite our different connections/ past lives spiritual paths etc..
we are all part of the same thing.. the same (not sure I want to give it a name)

the sense of wonderment in my heart when I stumble across teh everyday proofs of this reality.. breathless

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