Adagio for string

It's the sense of touch

You think you know who you are...
You have no idea

We are always behind this middliing glass
We are searching for an answer
We are coming together
We are falling apart

Why you keep from everybody a certain distance
It's ok dady .... I protect you

we are bound to collide eachother
We may crash to eachother ... just without feeling something

It's the sense of touch ... we missed that touch so much...


Anonymous said…
It's the sense of touch that I missed so much... the molecules of your mind... the touch of your innermost atoms that collided with mine. E=mc2. You are the essence of all that life is worth. Please forvive me for doubting you. Please forgive you for wanting you when I believed you were not there for me.

Yegi, friend of friends, your blog is bright and brilliant, and brings big smiles and dries tears from my eyes. I never cry, but only when I am missing you...
vahid said…
با شد "ها ها" مهمتر است
ها ها
عیدتان مبارک

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