Tuesday, March 21, 2006


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In Norouz
Let's try...
sharp our pencils
Take out old thoughts...
old judgements
old fears
old beliefs
old fashioned attitudes
old reactions

Throw away all by Forgiving



Anonymous said...

In Norouz I feel only friendship and love. Today I have an important work interview that may change the rest of my life. There is nothing to forgive... If something is so very very bad, then let God be the judge, but other than that we humans have nothing to forgive. We all live, we all dream, we all make the same mistakes: some of know this and we make changes to ourselves, and by doing this we make changes in others. If that is forgiveness, then I forgive everyone who ever feels they have done anything bad to me. New start, new beginning... happy new year, Nannigia! God is in your heart as you are in HIS.
God bless you and keep you safe...

Anonymous said...


Farhad(farmehphotos!) said...

Those are actually best wishes for new year!