Saturday, April 08, 2006

Beautiful ...

Beautiful fingers
Originally uploaded by Socwind.
will not cry, I will not think
I'll do my dance, I'll make them drink
When I make love, it won't be me
And if they hurt me, I'll just close my eyes
Who'll fight for me instead
He'll keep us safe all day
So no one comes at night
To blow the dream away
The dream I have to find
The movie in my mind ...

Flee this life
Flee this place

From: Miss Saigon


vahid said...

می گن هرجا بری آسمون همین رنگه
می دونی چرا
چون انعکاس رنگ دلته

Anonymous said...

At the side of life there is a place to which we can go when things get bad; there is another similar place we can go to when things get good. Take care my precious one, make sure you know which place you are in, and God bless you when you step outside this world into another. We all have a Miss Saigon inside us!