Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Beauty is inside

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I want my daughter to realize that she is smart and beautiful and wonderful.
I want her to know that, to internalize it, to appreciate herself on a gut level so that she does not ever need external male approval. Whether she chooses to wear tattered jeans or fancy dresses, whether she chooses to have children or not, whether she chooses to be in a relationship or stay single, whether she cuts her hair herself or spends money at some fancy place, whether she pursues a higher degree or some other vocation – no matter what choices she makes for herself, I hope she understands that she does not need anyone’s approval. Even mine.


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Anonymous said...

You need your own approval that is all: if you approve of what you do - and you do not consciously hurt another - then you are on the right path and good for you.

Think on this: we are given these doubts by other people who do not have what we have. The seed of doubt grows into a tree of death. It is the only seed best not planted.

No, it does not matter what other people think... but isn't it lovely when they congratulate you; when they make you feel special.

Look after yourself precious student, and nurture the love you have inside: it is much too precious to lose.