Friday, November 17, 2006

Cold weather tonight...
Nahal was driving...
Heater was on, with a nice song
I closed my eyes, i touched my thin legs.. it felt nice.... i am not chubby any more!
Then i looked at Nahal...
She was beautiful and happy

I felt my cells
All together trying to say something:

Thank You!


Anonymous said...

Hello dear cells - how are you doing today? Now take care of yourselves and keep Yegi fit, for then she will go on to be the success I know she will be. P:)

Anonymous said...

i was googling some lyrics and found your journal as a link but i was reading some of your works and your links and find everything extremely interesting. if you'd like, you can view my myspace account to put a face behind this comment: and my email address is if you'd wish to contact me.