Monday, November 27, 2006

Where are you?

Which one you are living in?


Anonymous said...

Hello Yeganeh

I am living in Paradise because I no longer need anything here on this earth. What I need is inside my head, where it is secret and can be touched by no-one else.

I am living in Paradise because I have been on a long journey, and every day I get nearer to the end (which I believe is really the beginning). I have nothing to lose, so I have nothing to fear.

I am living in Paradise because I have listened, and I have been told what to do. I know I am on the right path now because I have met and listened to people like you.

I was in Hell as a child; I was in Purgatory as a yound adult; now I am in Paradise (and I believe YOU are, too)!

Golnaz said...

Hi honey, you don't know how excited i get when i see a new post in your blog!
If there is something u are dreaming of, I wish it all come true, Because u truly deserve it ,Happy birthday xxxxx