Tuesday, October 03, 2006

من صدایتان زدم در سکوت شب
تا نشانتان دهم جلال ماه را و بزرگی ستارگان را
اما شما از خوابتان پریدید
از ترس بر شمشیرهایتان دست بردید و فریاد برآوردید:
"دشمن کجاست؟ باید در آغاز، خونش را بریزیم"


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Anonymous said...

Sorry, this means nothing to me, but I know there will be soul and feeling that has gone into the writing here.

Here is my message anyway. Say Hello to a stranger today; smile and mean it - that is the message Yegi taught me.

Here is my Hello to you, and my smile for all those who might read this blog. :)

When you have someone like Yeganeh in your soul, you may be sad at times, but you can never truly be unhappy. While there is Yegi, there is life!