Sunday, October 01, 2006

So faithfully
Holding tight to every dream I thought
I can feel now in your eyes the changing way you look at me
Where's the love we knew would last us eternally


Anonymous said...

Oh beautiful Rose of Persia, Yeghaneh, exquisite scented bloom.
Your sweet scent is still here with me as I sit alone in this room.

Do you not know yet the secret of life, or peace and still, inside?
Can you not yet let go of your strangling inner pride?

I wish you did know, for I do not.
Or is it that I can't remember, because I forgot?

I do not forget your lovely eyes, your lips, your shining smiling face.
And that is how I want to remember you always when I see you in this place.

I feel your tears although you are thousands of miles away.
I feel your tears in the splashing rain, and in sea water spray.
Your tears then run down my face and mingle with my own.
For you were here with me once, but now I feel your petals have blown.

Oh beautiful Rose of Persia, precious Diamond, dear friend.
I have a special love for you that will be here until the end.

You came and you went, and now a year seems like a day.
But what a special day that was, and leave four simple words for me to say:

Yeganeh I miss you!

nannigia said...

Thank You Paul,
I missed you too...
I missed Wariwck Road and my jogging path...