Where is my little girl?
Is she ok?


Anonymous said…
Yes, of course she is OK, Diamond Lady - she is with my little boy: they are running together, holding hands, through the golden autumn trees.

But she will be more OK when she is allowed to play - when she is allowed to express her true personality through art - rather than having to "play" with scientific facts.

If she cries, dry her tears and tell her that everything will be OK, because there is a safe little place inside each of us that no one can ever hurt. You go there every time you sleep.

Here speaks one natural scientist who was firmly converted to the arts because science has no room for emotion.

Anonymous said…
Your little girl is fine, because she's tucked away deep inside you, where she is safe and warm and loved. Cherish her.

Yegi ... you are every girl in the world, as they are also you.

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