I get wings to fly
When you call on me
When I hear you breathe
I get wings to fly
I feel that I'm alive

Today angels were with Nahal and I !


Barbara said…
Yo, elevanze est tuaria homentos. Xadi quelei, zhumas xado quentantea estros cheu naos ya... Eles legualce, ma zellas havera rocupenigo fras!
Anonymous said…
Hello Diamond Lady - do you see the diamonds sparkling in the frost, each with its own rainbow, its microcosmic world within a world?

I, too, have wings and soar high into the sky, flying over steep mountain tops covered with snow, with an icicle as a weapon to ward off ever foe.

But now my energy is depleted and my wings lie folded. Eyes closed, the snow falls all around me, the frost freezes my limbs, biting cold deep inside,I could freeze up and die, were it not for the warmth from your heart.

Feel that heart, feel it beat, feel it pulse, as it melts the frost, and makes the ice thaw. Let its warmth flow all around - let it, do...
وحید said…
فقط فرشته ها بودند؟!!!1

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