Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Relaxing with rose petals

So many boundaries we define to feel more secure
to feel we sure belong to a group or bunch of people
to feel that we are like others... normal

despite to the fact that we come here to explore our unique style of living


Paul said...

A few years ago, I saw a TV program about school children and how they associate in groups. And I thought "Yes, I remember that from my school days, there were groups but I was not in one".

Then they talked about there being some school children who are independent. And I thought "Yes, I remember that from my school days, I was one of them".

And then they talked about the independent school children forming a group as wellt. And I thought "Yes, I remember that from my school days, but I was not in that group either!”.

Not quite sure if this was just being true to my real self or just perverse. But for sure, I don’t observe social boundaries just to be secure or act like others just to be normal. Hence even if I am risk adverse in some areas of my life, I am not a conservative. i.e. I do not rigidly observe social norms or traditions.

Anyway, thanks for the interesting post.

Anonymous said...

The best exploration is that within, but it is the scariest journey you must endure, for if you do it properly you will come face to face with your self - with all the truth and the lies. If you don't like it, then where will you go?

So enter into that journey with wide open eyes and an open heart, have no expectation of anything other than that which will be. Accept what you find there for what it is, and bring it back out into the world.

Once you have found your true self inside you will be on the first step to being complete.

I know: I have been there, and I have seen the truth revealed. And I am on the first step of the stairway to the stars.

You will always belong here, if you belong to yourself.