Sunday, April 08, 2007


سنت ماه - سنت خورشید
سنت خورشید ... زندگی معمولی
آن "بود" را کشف کردن ... همگام شدن جریان هستی

زندگی کردن معمولی

یک نفر هست اینجا که بهتره براش بیشتر تکرار بشه این عبارت

زندگی کردن معمولی

I was watching Grey's anatomy last night...
It is about some interns working in the hospital...
A sick woman which was close to death shouted at nurse:

I want to live this life perfectly normal ! nothing else ... nothing ...


Anonymous said...

who is that person?

nannigia said...

the one who talk inside me... i should be different from others! a different life!