Sunday, December 31, 2006

خالم توی اتاق نشسته بود داشت دعای روز عرفه رو با تلویزیون می خوند ... خیلی صبر کردم ولی تموم نشد ... با غرغر بهش گفتم خاله بیا ... بسه دیگه
گفت : بیا اینجا .. این آخرشو با من بخون
رفتم پیشش نشستم و دعا رو با هم خوندیم
اینجاشو دوست داشتم که با هم می خوندیم :

یا اسمع السامعین یا ابصر الناظرین یا اسرع الحاسبین و یا ارحم الراحمین


وحید said...

امیدوارم دفعه بعد خودش همه باهات بخونه

Anonymous said...

Close your eyes and you are free.
Take yourself inside to be whatever it is you want to be.
Don't be afraid, they can't touch you here.
Let your feelings grow this great new year.

Is it snowing in your heart?
Does your blood freeze when you are apart?
Do you want to pray deep inside?
Do your thoughts take you on a dizzy ride?

Close your eyes and think of me.
For I am whatever you want me to be.
Most of all leave open your heart.
That way our thoughts will never be apart.

One day is like another, or is that what others want us to believe?
Do they want us to stress, to run away, to leave?
Listen inside and between every beat of your heart,
there is another living beat, of which none can pull apart.

Each time you breathe, I am there with you, deep in your soul.
Each time you cry, I am there with you, will make you whole.
And never let others footsteps trip your feet.
For my heart beats with your heart, and will make you complete.

Now open your eyes wide and look up to the sky.
Shout out the words in your throat, send them high.
There are words I have for you that I'm not allowed to say.
But I'm sending them through to your soul anyway.

Diamond Lady take care.
Look inside and you will find me there.
I am your life, and your love and your freedom from pain.
Sparkling Diamond, shine on through the rain.