Today the class was in our house
Candles, Narges flowers and love...


Anonymous said…
Diamond Lady, Persian Princess who lives inside the soft molten metal of her beating heart.
[Breathe in.]

Let soft snowfall cover your searching eyes, and let your soul set sail across the salt-choked sea inside.
[Breathe out.]

Gather the pearls of wisdom and diamonds of once-dropped tears, and plant them deep in your inner garden to sustain you through the coming years. [Hold your breath.]

You are here with me now, I feel you deep inside, at the deepest atomic level where you always reside.
[Now exhale!]

Love and best wishes for the Christmas season to Yeganeh, Nahal and (sweet little) Soophie, and for a very special 2007. GOD BLESS :)

What are Narges flowers - are they white?

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