You fear that by forgiving, you approve of what happened


Anonymous said…
Hello Yegi. I've lost your e-mail address, sorry. I want to send you another seasonal picture from last year of Coventry with snow.

In the words of Leonard Cohen:
"You know who I am... you've looked at the sun..."

Thanks P
Anonymous said…
Perhaps forgiving is not about approval, but rather a sign that you have now let something go - it doesn't bother you any more: forgive to forget?

Or forget about forgiving, and just move on. Try it, and the answer will come to you by itself.

Basically, the past is past and there is absolutely nothing you can do to change that. You may forgive - you may change - but what if the other person is not interested in that?

Sometimes it takes great strength to forgive - but do it and don't tell anyone (just God), and then you can be proud that you have done it for all the right reasons.

Also forgive yourself, because your inner soul needs that forgiveness, too.

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