Saturday, December 16, 2006

I´ve taken as much as I´m willing to take

Robbie Williams...
I like him although so many don't!...
I know him from "Take That" group...
He got separated from the group and started his single works...
His lyrics in the songs are meaningful and i think deep... check this out:

From Tripping song:

When you think we´re lost we´re exploring
What you think is what you´re soon adoring
You don´t want the truth the truth is boring
ve got this fever, need to
Leave the house
Leave the car
Leave the bad men where they are
I leave a few shells in my gun
N´ its Got me staring at the sun....

1 comment:

Paul said...

Did you know that Take That have reformed?
(But with out Robbie Williams)
Also I remember them from the first time round, that was when I was a at Warwick doing maths!